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Reporting, BI & Big Data

  • QlikView drill-down BI dashboards for NHS Direct performance KPI attainment - along with exception reporting, and a root-cause report to determine why archived KPI reports varied by up to 5% a month from 'live' reports, for that time period (Team summary tables assumed that all the call centre staff would stay in their teams, and never leave the job during the 5 year reporting period)

  • Crystal Reports for RNIB ongoing operations (monthly ROI, I&E, scorecards, etc) and bespoke reports to track the efficacy of the parallel run during a large DB database migration during 'live' operations

  • SyBase Infomaker reports for Harrow County Council, and a web interface for the site operative to print weekly reports, and official EU recycling credits for glass and paper - with exception reports and alerts

  • I've recently started to use the D3 library, with HTML5 and Canvas to display open-data in JSON format, on web pages.

Multi-screen web design

  • 10+ years web interface design, using HTML, Javascript, JQuery, PhoneGap, ASP, SSI, PHP, extending to HTML5/CSS3. I now code in responsive grid HTML5, which scales my content to screens of any size, much more effectively than the server side techniques, I used to use, or media queries specific to device types.

  • For the multi-lingual trevel information site wcities, I used layers to emulate our print collaterals, and SSI detects to alter the content depending on browser type, screen size & default language. We also OEM'd our data to clients like Lycos, microsoft, orange, so they could offer the travel service to their customers - via their own portals. I coded these 'wrapper' websites to display our XML datafeed, in a page that emulates the clients' sites. This worked on mobile phones, Apple, PC's, and the early internet TV boxes.

  • I designed Xerox's first multi-lingual, multi-currency e-commerce website for small copiers, as well as hand coding Xerox EMEA's website (my coding expereince goes back to HTML1 - before tables and images).

Marketing Databases

  • Weekly cycles of marketing campaigns & post-campaign analysis - along with database maintenance, banking imports, and other maintence tasks.

  • QlikView can be used for 'rapid segmentation', doing in hours what took days. The old iterative process was running a segment, applying exclusions, getting counts, and then adjusting the segment to get the forecast return for that campaign.
    -> Now, you run the query and exclusions into one report, use tick boxes to add, & exclude. Then 'export' to a mailing file, when you get the right count - no need for briefing documents, or multiple runs of the large selection queries, on live databases.

  • I have migrated data from legacy FoxPro, SAGE & Access systems to SQL Pivotal (1 year project) - including writing operational Crystal Reports & ones for the parallel run, altering import profiles, data mapping, data cleaning, input screens, UAT, training, response to training, and negotiating changes to 3rd party data imports, from Inland Revenue & JustGiving.